21 January 2024


21 January 2024

What is a Turnkey Home?

A turnkey home represents the epitome of hassle-free homeownership. Imagine stepping into a meticulously designed residence where every detail, from flooring to fixtures, has been expertly chosen for you. All the complexities of construction, interior design, and landscaping have been seamlessly managed, allowing you to simply turn the key and start living in your new home. This all-inclusive solution caters to those seeking instant comfort and convenience without the stresses of building from scratch.

The turnkey experience: Why you should let others do the heavy lifting!

Your home is an extension of you. For many home buyers, the allure of being a part of the construction of your house from inception to completion feels like the quintessential way to make your mark on your dream home. The reality of this process, however, is not always idyllic. Building your own home is hugely time-consuming, costly, and requires a good deal of design knowledge to get it right.

The hidden costs of DIY home building

In recent years, the uncertainty within the building and construction industry has drastically increased – contract builders are battling to stay in business amidst steep competition, rising material costs, supply chain woes and employment struggles.

Once you have selected a builder you are confident in, there are many additional costs that you need to factor in. Builders will generally provide you with a contract price that is only subject to the build being completed in a certain period of time, i.e. 3 months, 6 months. This time is not flexible and does not bend to accommodate delays which are all too common in the building world, such as land titling and council approval delays, weather events and supply delays. Extending beyond the fixed contract will result in additional costs that may fall outside of your budget.

On top of the land price, (which needs to be paid in full prior to building), progress payments – up to 5 in total need to be made throughout the build on the contract value of the house, including the interest on these payments.

Some of the other hidden costs are;

• Council Fees
• Construction Fees
• Landscaping Costs
• Appliances
• Construction Loans – Fees and Interest costs

It's all in the details

Being across every aspect of a home build is time consuming but critical to ensure your home becomes everything you want it to be. Understanding simple concepts such as what colours go well together, and what design elements are needed for each space is an art. Getting it wrong can be costly and often frustrating when things don’t turn out exactly as you envisioned.

Turning to turnkey for peace of mind

When looking to buy a home that you can put your stamp on, often the last thing you think of is a pre-planned house and estate. However, the ease and simplicity of turnkey homes completely removes the stress of coordinating multiple contractors and builders, and provides you with a quality home without any hidden costs.

The simplicity of turnkey homes makes adding your design ‘extras’ easy. When building a home, those extra details are easily forgotten or missed, as the stress of coordinating multiple contractors throughout the build can be overwhelming. With our turnkey homes, these ‘extras’ are usually already part of the package.

Letting the experts do the heavy lifting

Buying a home can be a stressful experience, and building a home can be even more burdensome. Simplifying the process and opting for turnkey living allows you the satisfaction of knowing that your home has been built and curated by experts, with decades of home building and design experience. A team who have gone the extra mile to make your first experience with your new home seamless. The turnkey approach will give you peace of mind, with more time to plan for the move into your new home and all the personalised elements you want to bring to your home once it’s built.

What our Clients Have to Say?

"We are in our brand new Allam turnkey home and very happy with it! As with any new home, from any builder, there are some things that need adjusting and some minor repairs and fixes as expected on a new build. Huge shout-out and thanks to Tony, Erin and Alison from the Maintenance Team. Fantastic and enthusiastic support so far with our 90 day warranty inspection by Tony, who actually fixed a couple of things while here and explained everything clearly and thanks to Erin too for the phone call and email updates. Great service and looking forward to getting these repairs done. Thanks again Maintenance Team!"

- David Threlfo

Looking for your dream turnkey home?

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