18 February 2024


18 February 2024

Happy 70th Birthday, George!

Allam Property Group truly value the outstanding work and commitment our contractors provide for our homes. George has been a part of the Allam family for over 30 years, and was our first painter finishing Allam’s first turn-key home in 1993.

Recently, we recognised George’s 70th birthday with a surprise celebration, looking back on the three great decades that George has been a part of the Allam family.

To celebrate George’s birthday, the Allam team came together on Tuesday 6th of February at the Redgum Rise estate with a surprise BBQ. Stories were shared from George’s time with the business, with Allam members sharing that he is best known for his generosity, often bringing pomegranates, macadamias and dragon fruit to the site to share with others. One described George as “Your typical generous Greek man.”

Many years ago, George lost his wife, and he was left to raise his children on his own. Throughout those tougher years, George had the support from Allam, forming a tight bond and respect for one another.

George’s son, Chris, shares that “Allam was extremely supportive during this time. We were allowed to come to the site with Dad when we were young whilst he was looking after us. Allam has always had a people first policy, especially when it came its employees.”

Now with grandchildren (and some anticipated on the way), George is thrilled to show his family his passion of the property development industry and does not see himself stopping anytime soon.

“Good homes are built on loyalty. I am so grateful to the strong relationship I have with Allam. The team members feel like my second family, and I am very appreciated of the celebration for my 70th.” shared George.

“I am very much looking forward to continuing my work with Allam and seeing it to continue to grow.”

Allam Property Group is so pleased to have George a part of the Allam family and look forward to seeing George continue to thrive within our community. Happy Birthday, George!

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