St Ronans

Sunbury, VIC 3428
St Ronans W
St Ronans W

New Land coming to Sunbury 2024

Bursting with opportunity and secured by a clear feeling of community, Sunbury is a special place, in a region with a unique identity.

The area has a colourful past being a popular wine region, known as the birthplace of the Ashes, and for having the first railway connection to Melbourne.

The area has come a long way and offers a great range of modern services and facilities, the perfect balance of city and country.

St Ronans represents your opportunity to live in this great location.

This is a unique urban setting planned in detail to help secure your family’s future with time to plan your ideal home.

There is no doubt Sunbury is a special place to live, you might just discover that St Ronans is the perfect fit for your tomorrow.

St Ronans Estate

670 Sunbury Road,

Sunbury VIC 3428

Coming Soon

670 Sunbury Road,
Sunbury VIC 3428

Sales Centre Coming 2024
Phone Coming Soon


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St Ronans